Top 10 Tips for Shopping the JLP Rummage Sale


The Junior League of Phoenix Annual Rummage Sale is an exciting day of bargain hunting for many shoppers in the Valley. We have many repeat shoppers year after year, some that have been coming for longer than thirty years! We recently asked our members for the best advice they would give to rummage newbies as they prepare to head to the Arizona Exhibition and State Fair this year. We have compiled these tips here for you, happy hunting!


1. Arrive early – doors open at 8am! From 8am – 12pm admission is $5.

Our doors close from 12pm – 1pm, but we reopen 1pm – 4pm and admission is FREE! Between 1pm – 4pm, all merchandise is 50% off.

2. Plan for parking. We are located at the Arizona Exposition & State Fair Exhibit Building at 18th Avenue & McDowell Road. Parking fee is $8.

3. Make a game plan! The departments will be set up per the map below. Check outs are at both ends, so check each side before you stand in a longer line.


4. Bring a wagon or bag(s) to carry all of your treasures. A limited number of bags will be available for $2 each.

5. Do you plan on buying furniture or large items? Bring appropriate transportation! We do not offer pick-up or delivery, and we also don’t hold items.


6. Check the weather and dress appropriately. You never want to be too hot or cold while shopping!



7. Get your mammogram!

Mammograms will be available the day of rummage from 8 am to 4 pm, for eligible recipients at a first come first served and are provided by Fry’s Food & Drug Store and the Desert Cancer Foundation of Arizona. Click here for more information on the mammograms offered on Rummage Sale day!

8. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask a volunteer for help! Can’t find the price of an item? Ask for help! Most volunteers will be wearing a a red apron or JLP t-shirt.


9. Be patient and open-minded, there are a ton of people doing the same thing, looking for amazing bargains while supporting for a good cause!

10. Want first dibs? Attend our Rummage Sale Pre-Sale Party on Friday, February 23. Come spend an evening on Bourbon Street as the Junior League of Phoenix presents the 81st Annual Rummage Pre-Sale Party: A Night In New Orleans.

The Pre-Party allows you to shop the sale early and will feature live music from The Triplicity Band, an interactive Photo Booth, Tarot Card readings, Riverboat games with thousands of dollars in prizes and a catered dinner with wine, beer and champagne.

*All items sold at the Rummage Sale Pre-Party are double the Sale Day price.27331767_1502554609864650_5945956999538747582_n

81st Annual Rummage Pre-Sale Party: A Night in New Orleans
Friday, February 23
6:30pm – 10:00pm
Arizona Exposition and State Fair Exhibit Building

Purchase Rummage Sale Pre-Party Tickets Here!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

8am – 4pm

8am – 12pm 12pm – 1pm 1pm – 4pm
$5 Admission Doors Close Free Admission

Arizona Exposition & State Fair Exhibit Building

1826 West McDowell Road – Phoenix – 85007

About the Junior League of Phoenix

The Junior League of Phoenix, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization of over 1,000 women committed to the promoted voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the Valley of the Sun through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. For more than 80 years, JLP has invested almost $4.1 million in the community and contributes over 75,000 volunteer hours annually. Current League programs are structured around JLP’s focus area of “Building a Healthy Arizona.” For more information about the Junior League of Phoenix, please visit


JLP’s Rummage Sale Saved a Life


The Junior League of Phoenix’s 81st annual Rummage Sale is right around the corner on Saturday, February 24, 2018 at the Arizona Exposition & State Fair Exhibit Building! In addition to the thousands of bargain buys, Mobile On-site Mammography will be on-site. The mammograms will be available the day of rummage from 8 am to 4 pm, first come first served and are provided by Fry’s Food & Drug Store and the Desert Cancer Foundation of Arizona.


Mobile On-Site Mammography (MOM) has provided over 550 mammograms since its first year partnering with The Junior League of Phoenix (JLP) and has even helped save the life of one Junior League of Phoenix member, Blair Schweiger.


A little history about Blair and her relationship with MOM. Blair was asked to volunteer at Rummage by Junior League of Phoenix sustainer, Kim Knotter, the then Executive Director of the Arizona Chapter of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, to help out with the on-site mammograms, because she was worried that there wouldn’t be a Spanish speaking person to help. At the time, Blair was working at the University of Arizona Cancer Center in a breast cancer prevention clinical trial.  Blair joined the Junior league the following year and has continued to volunteer on the mammogram bus every year since. Blair herself received a mammogram during the 2017 Rummage Sale, and this is her story.

Her story in her own words…

Most of you have heard the news, and so yes, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May.

 Never in my life did I think I would get here, and I have been a breast health advocate for years – I was living as if the odds were in my favor – and you know what – they were.

 The whole thing feels a bit surreal. I think about what had to be in place for me to get my mammogram and it is rather miraculous and so heavily dependent on so many women that are in my life.

  •  My mom for taking me along to the nurse training clinics for women’s health for the nursing students at ASU.
  • My own professional health advocacy efforts through both Arizona State University and University of Arizona.
  • My aunt, a survivor.
  • Rita Dickinson who started a local Breast Cancer Fundraiser that was supported by the Junior League of Phoenix (JLP) of which she is a member.
  • Kay Thompson, another member of the JLP, who wrote a grant back in 1990, through which I would be propelled to join the JLP and continue the effort.
  • Kim Knotter, another JLP member, whom I met through Gail (my mentor), who asked me to come help translate for Kay’s grant because I was a practicing breast cancer advocate (not an activist as someone recently referred to what I did as).
  • The many women in JLP leadership who let me continue to manage and oversee the mammograms at rummage for the past 17 years.
  • Pam Giannonatti (a JLP Ambassador) and Catherine Midgette (of Mobile Onsite Mammography, a JLP partner) for helping secure funding for the continued efforts of the mammograms at JLP rummage.
  • All the women and their stories that have passed through the mammograms at Rummage project for the last 17 years.
  • Lastly my oncology Nurse Practitioner, whom I see for a previous cancer that told me that it would be a good idea to get a mammogram back in December 2016.

If not for the combination of the women above, I would not have found myself in the right place at the right time to detect my cancer early.

blair mom

I was fully planning to wait until I was 50 to receive a mammogram, as the new guidelines (according to some agencies I respect) recommend. It was getting on near the end of the shift at the mammograms project in 2017, and the women had stopped showing up for the screenings. I was anxious to keep busy and after recruiting a few more women I thought to myself “oh, just get it done, they will take my insurance and since I have used them in the past, at least they will have another baseline mammogram to compare it to in the future”. So, I handed the staff at Mobile-Onsite-Mammography my insurance card and got my mammogram done.

Several weeks later I get the letter saying that I needed further testing. Knowing that the odds were still in my favor (most follow ups are NOT cancer), it was not my priority and I took my sweet time scheduling a visit with my General Practitioner (GP). Part of this is because my GP did not have any idea I had a mammogram. I went to look up his address when I was filling out the paper work and he was no longer listed as being with the practice where I had last seen him. So, I listed my oncologist, who was calling to check on me. Lesson learned, stay on top of where your physician practices.

So, finally after several weeks (six of them, actually) I found the practice he had moved to and made an appointment 2 months after I had my mammogram.


I went in for a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound, and had a radiologist come in to tell me that the suspicious area needed a biopsy, so I scheduled that – still assuming, because the odds were in my favor, that it was nothing.


When my physician called, as I was getting ready to go the Junior League of Phoenix’s May celebration, I finally started thinking something was up. More especially when he asked “where are you right now?”

The biopsy came back as cancer he says. I reply with a very loud expletive. My husband walks, curious about why I was talking so loudly. I mouth to him while pointing at my right breast “its cancer”. He turns white as a ghost, and I am trying to listen to my doctor say a whole bunch of things – and then I ask him to stop so I can get a pen and paper and write down the full spectrum of the biopsy results.

I call my oncologist and schedule an appointment, which everyone tells me is the wrong order – but I would disagree. I call my mother, I call my father, then I call my mentor, who is a nurse.

I tell my husband that I need to keep occupied and that as I have my sustainers and other guests coming to the JLP May celebration and that I need to go.

Since that moment, I yelled (cussed out) at the powers that be, I have had over 100 appointments, I sought three opinions, I tried to enroll in a clinical trial (because clinical trials are so important people). I have been thoroughly scanned and visualized, enough that even I know what my images look like. I have had two MRI’s, one of which included a biopsy that gave me a hematoma the size of a tangerine, and I can’t even do the accompanying bruise justice with words. I have had an unbelievable number of people fondle my boobs, and have fought so hard to retain a sense of humor through all these things.



Blair received 8 cycles of dose dense chemotherapy and 30 days of radiation. Her doctors told her that her positive attitude made her a favorite at each office. They loved that she wore costumes to chemo. Blair learned a great deal about how much your attitude changes how you deal with stressful situations.

The support of Junior League members was very important to Blair during her treatment. Our LINKS (Leaguers In Need of Kindness and Support) program was an incredible asset, as members (close to Blair or relative strangers) signed up to bring her family meals during this time.

The League is blessed to have Blair as one of our long time members, she brings so much humor, knowledge and positive attitude to our organization and we are forever grateful that she made the last minute decision to get that mammogram that fateful day at Rummage. She will be there again, please make sure that the women you love get theirs. They are set up to fund people who don’t have insurance or that don’t have enough insurance, but if needed they will gladly take people with insurance. Think of the life saved through early detection.


Saturday, February 24, 2018

8am – 4pm

8am – 12pm 12pm – 1pm 1pm – 4pm
$5 Admission Doors Close Free Admission

Arizona Exposition & State Fair Exhibit Building

1826 West McDowell Road – Phoenix – 85007

About the Junior League of Phoenix

The Junior League of Phoenix, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization of over 1,000 women committed to the promoted voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the Valley of the Sun through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. For more than 80 years, JLP has invested almost $4.1 million in the community and contributes over 75,000 volunteer hours annually. Current League programs are structured around JLP’s focus area of “Building a Healthy Arizona.” For more information about the Junior League of Phoenix, please visit

10 Reasons Why You & Your Family Need to be at the 5th Annual Touch-A-Touch Event!


The Junior League of Phoenix is excited to announce our 5th Annual Touch-A-Truck Event which will take place on Saturday, November 4, 2017, from 9AM – 1PM at Aviano Community Park in Phoenix. Touch-A-Truck is a family-friendly event that offers children a hands-on opportunity to explore a variety of machinery such as, construction trucks, emergency responder vehicles, tractor trailers, utility trucks and more! Here are the top 10 reasons why you can’t miss out on this exciting event:


  1. MEET & LEARN: You and your family will have the opportunity to meet many of the people who build, protect and serve the Valley communities, while also learning about some of the vehicles, equipment, etc. they use through a hands-on experience.
  2. HONK THE HORN: Not only will your kids learn about the vehicles and equipment, they’ll also have the opportunity to get inside and honk the horn on police cars, trucks, buses, tractors and more! TAT2
  3. BOUNCE AROUND: Who doesn’t love bounce houses and inflatable slides? We know your kids do and we’ll have all of that and more at the event.
  4. EAT UP: From shaved ice to burgers we’ll have a wide variety of on-site food trucks that will be sure to satisfy the whole family.
  5. JUST DANCE: Enjoy the day with music from a live DJ and dance your heart out with the kiddos. TAT3
  6. GET ARTSY: Kids can enjoy choosing from a variety of face painting designs by a talented face painter.
  7. MOM TIME: This year we’re also offering a “Mom Lounge”, an enclosed tent with a changing station, a place for mothers to nurse, and a place to just take a second to relax!
  8. BALLOON ANIMALS: No event would be complete without a balloon animal or two.
  9. COMMUNITY BUILDING: You’ll have the opportunity to meet with some of the women of the Junior League of Phoenix and learn about a handful of the Programs we provide, such as our annual HealthFest, ROCKETS program, and more! TAT4.jpg
  10. FOR A CAUSE: Last but certainly not least, your attendance helps build a better community through your support of Touch-A-Truck and the Junior League of Phoenix.

We look forward to seeing you there! To learn more and purchase tickets just CLICK HERE.



Little Black Dress Initiative is Making Poverty and Food Insecurity Unfashionable


PHOENIX – September 21, 2017 — The Junior League of Phoenix (JLP) is participating in the Little Black Dress Initiative (LBDI) Oct. 2-6, a worldwide campaign that aims to raise awareness for the effects of poverty. During the campaign, JLP will be raising funds to support its mission which includes community programs that combat food insecurity in Phoenix, which supports the League’s focus area of “Building a Healthy Arizona.”

As part of LBDI, nearly 100 JLP members will wear the same black dress for five days in a row as a symbol for the lack of resources and choices available to individuals and families living in poverty. Participants will wear a button that reads, “Ask Me About My Dress,” to encourage ongoing dialogue among colleagues, friends, family members and beyond around poverty and the effects it has on the Phoenix community.


Studies show that low-income and underserved communities often have limited access to stores that sell healthy foods, especially nutritious fruits and vegetables. Children with limited resources often have difficulty succeeding in school due to hunger and malnutrition. In Arizona, more than 1 million people are struggling with hunger – nearly 390,000 of them are children.

The Junior League of Phoenix’s focus area of “Building a Healthy Arizona” is centered on the idea that all Phoenicians should have access to healthy food and to the information that can help them improve their families’ health. JLP supports this focus area through programs addressing: (1) food insecurity/food access; and (2) nutrition and obesity.

Funds raised from the LBDI campaign will benefit JLP’s community impact partners and community programs including:

  • Kids in the Kitchen – a program focused on teaching kids and families about nutritional food choices and healthy activities
  • United Way’s Ending Hunger in the Classroom – a program that addresses food insecurity in school-aged children
  • Kids Cook with Heart – an initiative that provides hands-on healthy cooking classes that seeks to combat childhood obesity

“We’re proud to take part in the Little Black Dress Initiative this year,” said Cathy Comer, president of the Junior League of Phoenix. “We’re focused on fostering conversations between our members, nonprofit organizations and people in the community on how we can work together to affect change through public advocacy. Our goal is to ensure that Phoenix is a healthy place to live and grow for everyone.”

Launched in 2014 by the Junior League of London, Junior League organizations around the globe have adopted the Little Black Dress Initiative to support various issues surrounding poverty.

To donate to JLP’s Little Black Dress Initiative, click here.

About the Junior League of Phoenix

The Junior League of Phoenix, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization of over 1,000 women committed to the promoted voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the Valley of the Sun through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. For more than 80 years, JLP has invested almost $4.1 million in the community and contributes over 75,000 volunteer hours annually. Current League programs are structured around JLP’s focus area of “Building a Healthy Arizona.” For more information about the Junior League of Phoenix, please visit

Junior League of Phoenix (JLP) Engages in Powerful Partnerships to Move the Food Needle

JLP Community Leadership and Outreach Committee & Public Affairs Committee hosted a discussion with food leaders from government, nonprofits, and local business on September 6 at the first General Membership Meeting of the league year.

“We are thought leaders and when 1,000 JLP ladies speak with the same voice everyone listensTrue, Junior League of Phoenix may not give millions in grant money each year, but we don’t have to because our true power is in our collective 1,000 member voice on food issues.  I urge all JLP ladies to be thought leaders on food issues by using your JLP member voice to Tweet, Facebook, Snapchat, or blog about your support of food system development.Cathy Brown, Chair (CLO).

Building a Healthy Arizona requires paying attention to everyone’s basic needs from a health perspective. In this regard, access to healthy foods is critical, and many stakeholders have focused on food.  Unfortunately, programs working in silos cannot do enough to address the issues that face the “food to table” industry and get healthy nutritious food in the tummies of all Arizonans.

Moving the needle will require us all to work together…New efforts have sprung up throughout Arizona with the goal of producing sustainable, local, healthy food resources in areas of production, distribution, recycling and legislative policy which allows all people to have access to healthy affordable food.

Based on the emergence of the Maricopa County Food Coalition, Junior League’s Community Leadership and Public Affairs Committee will host a community discussion on the successful work of the Coalition which includes more than 50 members from government, nonprofits, farming, transportation, business, schools, pre-schools, food pantries and many more.

pic 1

The intent of the panel discussion is to:

  1. Inform Junior Leagues 1,000 members of what is currently happening in the food system.
  2. Highlight the importance of collectively working together to move the food, nutrition & access needle.

Highlight Junior League as a thought leader in this important area by encouraging our members to use their collective voice to support food system development, which supports our focus area to ensuring all Arizonans have access and information to healthy food.

Creating a Food System will Enable All People in our community to have access to healthy nutritious food and grow our local economy!  In the past many people worked on food access, but we had little impact because we were not working together.  When governments, organizations, businesses, and communities work together they have larger impact and create meaningful and long-lasting community change. 

pic 2


2017 JLP Community Ambassador of the Year

Congratulations to Pam Giannonatti!

In every group, there are many that go above and beyond the call of duty. This year the Junior League of Phoenix (JLP) recognized Pam Giannonatti as the 2017 Community Ambassador of the Year at the May Annual General Membership Meeting!

Since joining as a Community Ambassador in 2015, Pam has provided the JLP with a wealth of knowledge and has supported numerous of our JLP fundraisers and events.  As the Community Relations Manager for Fry’s Food Stores, she maintains and supports the partnership between Fry’s and the JLP. This partnership has resulted in over $32,000 worth the funding since 2010! We are so grateful to have Pam Giannonatti as a Community Ambassador and we would like to thank you for your continued service to the Junior League of Phoenix.


Join us!

Women today are busier than ever, but want the chance to build skills, contribute to the community and develop friendships. The Junior League of Phoenix gives women these opportunities in a fun team-oriented effort. Our members also enjoy year round volunteer opportunities, engage in leadership training and make friendships that last a lifetime.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

combo_stacked_centered_webThe Junior League of Phoenix (JLP) empowers women through leadership training and development to take action in their community. Our members are leaders in the community and involved in hands-on opportunities to positively impact & better Phoenix – currently we are impacting Phoenix by:

    • Empowering youth to adopt healthy habits and reverse the growth of childhood obesity in Maricopa County through our Kids in the Kitchen program.
    • Developing the math and science skills of pre-kindergarten children by way of our R.O.C.K.E.T.S. program (Raising Our Children’s Knowledge by Educating Through Science)
    • Bringing affordable fresh fruits and vegetables and providing community health resources to the residents of downtown Phoenix and Tempe as a founding partner of the Fresh Express by Discovery Triangle mobile market
    • Offering health and wellness programming and other child-focused events and activities through partnerships with the Phoenix Rescue Mission Changing Lives Center and the Phoenix Day Health Links program.

Who is Eligible?

Total membership in The Junior League of Phoenix exceeds 1,100. Membership is open to women of all races, religions and national origins who demonstrate an interest in and a commitment to voluntarism. Over 100 women are accepted into the Provisional new member group each Spring.

A prospective member must be a woman with an interest in voluntarism, a commitment to community service, and an interest in developing her potential for voluntary community participation.

Prospective members must be at least 22 years of age. There is no maximum age.

How to Join

The Junior League of Phoenix welcomes new members in the late spring. Each woman is required to attend one of the Information Sessions held March-May to be considered for Provisional membership. Once accepted into the Junior League of Phoenix, the Provisional new member course provides education, training about the structure of The Junior League of Phoenix and our role in the community. Provisional members also have the opportunity to participate in “hands-on” activities, fundraising events and numerous social activities throughout the year. Successful completion of the Provisional new member course prepares Provisional Members for Active membership in one of the many Junior League committees.

Available Information Sessions

It is required for all potential members to attend an information session. At this session, you will meet active members, get an overview of the provisional program and required components, and receive an application. Sign up for one of our twelve info sessions, many of which are graciously hosted in the homes of our members.

To sign up for an information session, click here! If you have any questions please reach out to Jessica Eldridge at .


Host Area(address lsted in sign up link)

Tuesday April 11


The Home of Dana Brown North Phoenix

Saturday, April 15


The Home of Danielle Arsenault Scottsdale

Tuesday, April 18


The Home of Stephanie O’Connell Arcadia

Friday April 28


The Home of Farrah Hauke Old Town Scottsdale

Sunday April 30


The Home of Jessica Eldridge West Valley

Wednesday May 3


Phoenix Country Club (precedes the JLP General Membership Meeting) Central Phoenix

Monday May 8


The Home of Kathy Mitchell Central Phoenix

Tuesday May 16


The Home of Kristi Ward East Valley

Don’t Miss Out! The White Party is THIS Saturday!

Join the Junior League of Phoenix for the Fourth Annual White Party!

Mix, mingle and dance the night away at the 4th Annual White Party!  With ladies and gents dressed to impressed in their best all-white cocktail attire, it is sure to be a night to remember.

WHEN:  April 8, 2017,  7 pm – 10 pm

Advance/Will Call Tickets will be available for purchase online before the event. Early Bird Ticket Prices – $65 through MARCH 31st, $70 April 2nd and after

A limited number of tickets are also available the day of the event.
Purchase tickets here.

WHEREThe W Scottsdale, 7277 E. Camelback Rd. Scottsdale, AZ 85251

WHY:  The Junior League of Phoenix is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.  All proceeds from Touch-A-Truck benefit local community programs and training sponsored by The Junior League of Phoenix.  For more information on these programs, visit the “Community Impact” page.
WANT MORE?  Read about the Third Annual White Party on the Junior League of Phoenix blog here, here and here.
QUESTIONS:  Please contact the Junior League of Phoenix at for more information.

Celina Medina PhotographyCelina Medina PhotographyCelina Medina PhotographyCelina Medina PhotographyAll images by Celina Medina Photography – View the 2016 White Party photo album here.

Thank you to our 2017 generous sponsors!

CLO Community Leadership Summit and Nonprofit Expo: Rachel Egboro, The Storyline Collective and The Whole Story

On Saturday, April 15, 2017, the Community Leadership and Outreach Committee will be hosting the first ever Community Leadership Summit and Nonprofit Expo. The purpose of the Community Leadership Summit and Nonprofit Expo is to provide training for ladies that are interested in pursuing roles in community leadership and to create opportunities for them to practice those skills.

Rachel EgboroAmong the fabulous presenters that will be featured at the Community Leadership Summit is Rachel Egboro, whose passion for the community has inspired her to create spaces for others to find their voice through storytelling. For the past four years, Rachel worked as a Community Outreach Coordinator at First Things First. In this role, she has raised awareness about the importance of early childhood development and education. Rachel is excited to continue raising support for the next generation of Arizonans in her new role as the Strategic Partnerships and Development Manager.

Rachel is also the brains behind a new storytelling event called The Whole Story.  Rachel isn’t new to the Phoenix storytelling scene as she’s co-produced live events with The Storyline. However, The Whole Story is Rachel’s response to the events that have occurred over the past couple of years. She saw a need to create a space where every day experiences of black people in Arizona could be told.  The show debuted to a sold-out crowd and coincided with the final weekend of the groundbreaking Kehinde Wiley exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum. Rachel hopes that The Whole Story will provide an opportunity for the community to come together and will inspire conversations for the future.

Speaking of the future, Rachel is hosting a series of workshops called Telling The Whole Story for people of all ages who are interested in telling their story on stage. Rachel is passionate about intergenerational sharing because she believes wisdom comes from both the wealth of experience of older generations and the innocent curiosity of younger generations.


Between now and April 15th, we will be posting information about the fabulous presenters that have volunteered to share their knowledge to help us be the best community leaders we can.

This event has been graciously sponsored by a number of community organizations that believe in the potential of ladies to be leaders of our community. Wells Fargo has graciously agreed to host the day’s activities at their Connections Center and the Gratitude Hour at the Wells Fargo History Museum where attendees and participants will be able to see the original Wells Fargo stagecoaches that brought the earliest financial services to settlers in the Western states. Pei Wei Asian Diner has generously agreed to provide lunch to all the event participants and presenters to ensure that everyone has a freshly made, nutritious lunch. Valley Leadership has kindly agreed to sponsor the Community Leadership Summit and Nonprofit Expo Gratitude Hour to help ensure that all our community participants are properly thanked. Lastly, the Junior League of Phoenix Foundation believed in CLO, before CLO even existed by providing the seed grant that got the Community Leadership Program started and got Summit and Expo going.

CLO logos

For more information about the CLO Community Leadership Summit and Nonprofit Expo, please contact CLO at or (602) 234-3388 x228.

Join the JLP Foundation for Arizona Gives Day 2017!

Let’s Come Together on April 4th, Arizona Gives Day, To Support The Junior League of Phoenix Foundation!
az gives 1.pngToday, April 4th, we celebrate Arizona Gives Day with thousands of nonprofits from all over the state.
Arizonans like YOU can unite and support their favorite nonprofit(s) for exactly 24 hours of virtual giving. This day of fundraising is a community-led effort to invest in our state.
This year, thanks to a private donor, the Junior League of Phoenix Foundation will receive an additional $20 for each donation made on April 4th!

Over the past 12 years, the Foundation has fostered and sustained the mission and community impact of the Junior League of Phoenix through stewardship of financial gives 2
“Investing in our local nonprofits is vital for our community. JLPF is a great example of the power of people coming together for change, and together we can reach our next milestone of $500,000  in total funds raised. – Cathy Brown, Foundation Board member.
TO DONATE: Please click HERE to help support the Junior League of Phoenix Foundation on this very special day!
The Junior League of Phoenix Foundation has been on a journey for the past 12 years to foster and sustain the mission and community impact of the Junior League of Phoenix through stewardship of financial resources.

The Foundation has granted back $90,383 to the JLP. Funding has included:

  • Kids in the Kitchen
  • R.O.C.K.E.T.S.
  • Director of Operations Training
  • Two league-wide trainings for all members
  • Sending members to Organizational Development Training and to Southwest Exchange
  • Fully funding CLO (Community Leadership & Outreach) program
  • Training members of PAC (Public A airs Committee) at the Annual Conference.
Thank you for your support because together we can make a difference!


The Junior League of Phoenix Foundation Board of Directors